London Day 1

Wow, jet lag is not usually this bad, I must be getting older! I took the red-eye to London last night, and while business class was much more comfortable than my usual coach seat, I still can’t last on 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Luckily I had David’s kindle and it was AWESOME! I think I might have to get myself one. I read a whole book on the plane, and started a new one too. Granted, I read a pretty terrible girly novel about cowboys & chefs in Montana – go figure, two fantasies of mine! It was less than $2 from Amazon; I wonder why. It was really bad, but a fast read and made the plane ride go by fast at least. To make up for the grotesque lack of literature in that book, next I downloaded a [free] classic, Call of the Wild. It’s pretty good so far, and I like that it’s from a dog’s perspective. I also watched “Eat, Pray, Love” on the flight, since I knew that might be the only time I could see it (David will refuse to watch it; I kind of don’t blame him). It was okay, but I guess each time I read a book, the book is ten times better, so I get disappointed by the movie. Eat, Pray, Love wasn’t my favorite book ever, but it was interesting. I have to admit, I totally cried on the plane… again! I don’t cry about movies much, except when on a plane by myself, what’s the deal?? I guess I’m lonely, emotional, etc. It was a happy cry though.

I left Houston at 4 PM and arrived in London at ~ 8 AM. Then it was shower at the “Yotel” (pics to come later), and change into business attire. Board 2 trains, and a taxi, and finally arrive at the office. I was already drained at that point, and then we had a meeting until 5 PM – brutal! London was very dreary – dreary old England, kind of like I expected. Our work group went out to a Pub afterwards and I had a pint of London’s Pride Ale. It was okay, but just okay. I declined dinner and walked back to the hotel for an apple for dinner (stolen from the first class lounge). I just wanted to get to bed soon.

I have running plans in the morning though – Hyde park 5 miles! Wish me luck.

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