Old-School Email Chain

Throwback.  I copied Ashley on this one.

1. Four TV shows that I watch:
• The Office
• Project Runway
• Top Chef
• Jersey Shore

2. Four things that I’m passionate about:
• family
• fitness & yoga
• cooking
• green stuff (farmers markets, eating local, etc.)

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot:
• I love you
• I can’t decide
• Jesus (sorry, Jesus)
• WTF?!

4. Four things I’ve learned from the past:
• You can’t plan life
• You can do anything you want, you just have to choose what it is you want
• Be yourself
• Work isn’t everything

5. Four places I would like to go:
• Patagonia & Mendoza
• San Fransisco
• The Northwest – Portland, Seattle
• New Zealand

6. Four things I did yesterday:
• Rock climbed
• Baked mini cookies
• Work (sort of)
• Read

7. Four things I am looking forward to:
• Yoga on New Years’ Day
• Painting Class & Rock Climbing Mondays
• Next Year – all of it!
• Running this weekend

8. Four things I love about winter:
• Cold-weather runs
• Uggs & bundling up
• Soup
• Tea (+ being wrapped up in a blanket with a book)

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