Holiday Hangover

Where have I been??  Good question.  Not much of anywhere – just busy!  Work, holidays, etc… so much to do.  I did have one of those “I need to get back on the healthy track” moments though, after having too much beer at a St. Arnold’s (Houston’s local brewery) party last Thursday night and feeling terrrrible on Friday at work.  So now it’s time to start cooking again, and working out!  I’m tired of the holidays and they aren’t over yet; I’m ready for the New Year!  I did pretty well yesterday – 7 mile run, rock climbing, and a home-cooked meal.  This was from a 101 Cookbooks recipe and an adaption by Ashley.  Yes, the broccoli looks bad because it was bad.  It got over-steamed in the rice cooker and was not edible.  I’ll have to work on that.  But otherwise this was delicious and I really liked the farro.

The last couple weekends David got in some good kitesurfing (finally).  He was very happy about it:

And I didn’t go with him, so I went biking instead.  Badass cold-weather biker chick:
Then it was on to… Christmas cookie baking time!  Don’t ask me what got me in the mood.  I made Angela’s Snickerdoodles and Mama Pea’s Cookie Dough Balls.  The snickerdoodles were a healthy version, and still very good:
But the cookie dough balls were the hit with the guys!  They were very moist and delicious, just like cookie dough.  How could they not be since they were just made with sugars, butter, and PB (fats)?  Mmmm…
Finished product:
I sent some off with Boudreaux (David’s last roommate) for while he was studying. I couldn’t leave too many of these in the house!
While the cookies were baking I also made a December countdown for David – you know the chocolate ones?  Except I put a variety in for him, since he loves jelly beans and sugary things of that nature.  The idea was from Joe & Betsey’s blog; so cute! Unfortunately my muffin pan was too big, so it’s only a 12 days of Christmas countdown.
Now you can see – lots of sweets, alcohol, not much sleep or working out.  Ready to get back to a health routine!

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