Cooking is like dating… I’m still learning what I like

I used to be scared of cooking because when I get too many dishes going at once I forget things, get rushed, and generally burn stuff. So now I challenge myself to multi-tasking in the kitchen. Today it was:

My rating on the walnut bread would be a 3.5 out of 5 stars. While it was a good, healthy version, I think they added too much flax seed. What I did really like was the substitution of plain yogurt to keep it moist. I heart Fage! I also think my bananas could have been older. Next time! It was still good though, and has been eaten for dessert the past two nights.

I will say you can’t go wrong with melted chocolate on top!

Next is Mama Pea’s quick chickpea recipe. This was hearty, but I think I’ll keep away from the cornstarch next time. Reminded me too much of Chinese soup. But the Farro was good. I got this guy from Costco:

Cooked with carrots:

Added some roasted chickpeas and done!

Not shabby, but the bf was not a fan. Like the title says, you have to date around a bit to figure out what’s right for you.  Don’t worry David, I’m done dating, this is just a metaphor 😉


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