It’s December & Time for Goals

So last month my goals went like this:

1. Try taking the bus to work – I got a carpool buddy and bought a bus ticket, but haven’t needed to use it yet.  I’m still counting this as “okay”

2. Meditate 3x per week – Nope, but did yoga at least twice a week.  Does that count?  I’m not sure meditation every morning is practical when you have a boyfriend.

3. Do some weight training or squats routine in lieu of the Grand Canyon Trip – I’ve started weights!  It took a lot since I dislike them, but I did it!  And PS – we didn’t go to the Grand Canyon due to weather.

Now on to December goals:

1 – Note a simple daily pleasure (I recently watched Amelie and loved the “dipping fingers in the grain bin” and “skipping rocks”)

2 – Host a party

3 – Re-try at least a couple of my cooking failures/unfavorites.  This includes egg white meringues, kale dishes, nut butters, or BBQ sauce.

I kept mine small this month since it will be a crazy holiday month!

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