Third Time’s the Charm

My carpool buddy wanted to go home just a little early – it was her birthday so I had no qualms – so that meant I had an hour or so to cook before David got home and we went to running training. On my list were a few items from the Edible Perspective:


The Almond Butter was fun! Well a hot mess maybe. I liked the short ingredient list.

I swirled the nuts around in maple syrup:

Then popped them right in the oven. Couldn’t help but take a picture, they looked delish:

And after roasting; I’ll admit I sampled:

Next is to put them in the food processor. Ladies (and gents), be sure to wear your safety equipment, this is loud!

Here goes nothing:

Process for ~15 minutes:

I walked away and oops!

You can see the nut butter was nice and buttery above, but after adding the final ingredients, it got paste-y, and even the oil didn’t bring it back. Also, my food processor was smoking! I’m not sure why. Any advice?

In the meantime I also made the Kale Chips. I seasoned them with this local olive oil that I’m addicted to, S&P, and some Parm cheese.

They came out slightly burned. Kale Chips 2 – Brittany 0. I’m going to conquer them still!

Lastly, the successful item of the night was steel cut oats for breakfast tomorrow! I love them, but had to cook up the box the night before, because in the morning it takes too long!

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