Bad Wine & Game Night

Yesterday (aka Black Friday) turned out to be pretty busy. We didn’t do any official after Thanksgiving shopping, but we did apartment-list stuff and ran some errands. I dropped off my old diamond ring to see if the appraisal guy could get a good deal for it (hmmm, what shall I do with the money??). Then I convinced David to stop by the container store and we got some awesome stair-step like devices to organize the cabinets. Here is my spice cabinet (one of my fav areas in the kitchen!):

Speaking of herbs and spices, I also have to brag that I haven’t killed my plants yet! Here they are:

Anyway, by the end of the night (post-Costco visit also) we were tired and I wanted a glass of wine while blogging. Unfortunately all that was left was some bad white wine from the night before. David tried to open one of his old “nice” bottles from France, but I’m pretty sure it had gone bad. He didn’t like mine and I didn’t like his, and they were both bad wines, so it called for a Bad Wine & Game Night:

I set up the picnic quilt (from Mom!) put some appetizers together, and taught David how to play Spite & Malice.

David tried to scare me with his game face, but it didn’t work.

We tied 1-1 by the end of the night and the Clus de Bois was finished:

And the real success was that I convinced David to sleep in the next morning instead of the 6:15 AM run! We compromised on still running at least 6 miles together – just later. It was going to be 35 degF in the morning!

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