Thankful… Even for the Turkey Trot o’ Death

I can’t help but follow the trend of the rest of the blog world and talk about what I’m thankful for today.  But before I started thinking about what I’m thankful for, my day started with the Turkey Trot o’ Death.  I don’t know why this 10k was sooo difficult.  First off, the cone elves were really busy last night and went overboard by placing at least 200% of the cones necessary for directing traffic:

Next, David’s neck hurt from kitesurfing yesterday and my quads hurt from my bike ride yesterday:

Then there was a really long wait until the start… like an hour plus:

But we did get to see my friend Jeannie and the guy she’s dating (Jonathan) before the start:

And then we waited some more at the start line.  I’m not sure what face this is, David said “gimme and O!” which had nothing to do with turkeys or pilgrims…

Then we ran, which was more like weaving in and out of people for this race:

And I had to go to the bathroom during the race but refused to wait in a port-a-potty line!  This is my stubborn face.

You can tell it’s really humid by my red cheeks… I was very happy to finish.  And even though it was a bad race, I still got a PR of ~55 minutes!

David was still feeling good after the race and reminded me not to be so hard on myself.

So I had to turn the bad attitude around and think that I am really thankful for the run: the fact that my loving boyfriend stayed by my side the whole time and cheered me on, the fact that I’m healthy and my two legs were there to carry me through it, the fact that I’m improving steadily each time I run.  So all in all, I’m happy with today and just have to remind myself how thankful I should be.

Oh, and for a cute Lululemon outfit of course –

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