Catching Up

A lot has gone on in the past few days.  I decided to take a day of vacation on Friday, and go to Bikram hot yoga in the Woodlands, then go shopping with David’s mom for apartment stuff.  We found a rug that’s now in our living room.  I’d show a picture, but I’ll wait until we have more in the room.  We had lots of fun.  It reminded me of shopping with my mom!

Also earlier this week, I pulled of making some Vegan Lentil Walnut Burgers from OSG.  They looked like cute little sliders, but were very filling.  This is David’s, with a little cheese, cayenne, and avocado added:

I was impressed he liked them and wanted to take one to work.  A lady at work said it smelled good when he was heating it up and asked what it was, and he told her a “vegan burger”.  I think it caught her by surprise.  Unfortunately one of my dishes last week didn’t go as well.  I think too much oil on the tofu plus buckwheat noodles, so I won’t even post what this was from (it was a combo of recipes anyway).  It made David “sick” when we were running the next day.  I’ll still eat the leftovers 🙂

We ran 8.1 miles on Saturday.  It was a hard run, I don’t know why.  Some days your muscles are more ready than others!  David didn’t feel to well afterwards and we had to run to the doctors due to a scare.  Everything turned out to be okay, so we were much relieved after that.  Then I got a haircut, then we did shopping – REI, Walmart (don’t like going but there were a few plastic things we needed, ha), Whole Earth, Whole Foods, etc… We were worn out by the end of the night!  After we got home I felt like cookies and made Mama Pea’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.  That girl is genius!  A vegan, butter-free, oil-free (except for the PB) cookie that is delicious!  I made it with dark chocolate chips and they are almost gone! Mmm, nice and soft and fluffy.  I highly recommend this recipe.  That’s all for now.  We are getting ready for our Grand Canyon trip and finishing up moving out of David’s place!

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