Curry Hurry

Tonight I attempted the Front Burner’s Thai Green Curry recipe.  Pretty happy with it, except it needed more spice.  I’ll add more curry paste next time (i.e. the rest of the bottle!).  It was pretty simple to make, just sauté some veggies in coconut oil, add the paste and cook for 2 mins., then add the coconut milk and finish cooking.

I also used Emily’s tofu sauteeing technique.  I really liked the end result, but did feel like it required more attention than baked tofu.  I’m pretty sure David couldn’t tell the difference.

What’s also awesome about cooking at home?  Saved $$!  A financial recap of today’s meal:

Nasoya Tofu              $1.99  (sale!)

Snap Peas                   $2.99 (would skip these next time or buy frozen)

Organic Eggplant     $0.99 (only used half of it)

Organic Bell Pepper $2.49

Cocunut Milk              $2.50  (?? I only used a partial can)

Brown Rice                  $0.50 (guess – but it’s cheap in bulk!)

Curry Paste & Spices $2.00 (guess – only used half of curry paste)

TOTAL                          $13.50 / 4 meals = $3.38 per meal + some sweat equity at the dishwasher  (note: tax was zero on my Kroger bill…??)

In contrast, David paid $5.69 for a Chicken McNugget meal at McDonald’s when he was at the plant earlier that day.  (He doesn’t go to McD’s often, except when he’s at the plant with the guys).

Now I’m on attempt #4 of steel cut oats in the rice cooker.  This is what’s happened:

#1 – white rice setting with recommended water amount = overcooked & dry

#2 – white rice setting with recommended water/milk amount, stopped at 25 mins. = overcooked, crispy botttoms

#3 – white rice setting with doubled water.  Stopped shortly after excess boiling out top of cooker!

#4 – brown rice setting with recommended water.  = Almost worked.  Needs about 50 mins, and I left it in a tad too long.

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