How to say this except I’m really loving cooking!  I wish I’d taken the time to do this earlier.  I don’t even feel like going out to eat anymore (I’m sure I will soon), but for now, I really like knowing what’s going into my food and making sure it’s ingredients that I recognize.  To test my recent cooking streak and justify more of it, I volunteered to cook at my boyfriend’s family’s early Thanksgiving.  My choices?  Chiffon Pumpkin Pie a la Kath Eats and Nikki’s Sweet Potatoes from 101 Cookbooks.  The verdict – both delicious!  Or at least they were eaten.  The pie did kick my butt though.  It required beat egg whites and whip cream.  I attempted both by hand – the egg whites did not really work out by hand or by blender, but I learned they should be beat 5-7 mins and I was only going for 2 mins.  It took about 1.5 hrs and a trip to the grocery store for more eggs.  Now I have a follow up challenge to beat to “hard tips” for some meringue recipes.  Mmm homemade whip cream…

So that was my excitement for the weekend.  Now I’m working on steel cut oats (new breakfast love).  Unfortunately my rice cooker doesn’t care for them.  I just completed trial number 3 and they still didn’t turn out since it doesn’t have a porridge setting.  They are pretty delicious by hand though:

And lastly a tribute to my favorite earrings from Grandma Susie.  Such style!


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