It’s Fall, Y’all

Or it feels like it at least.  This morning it was ~45 deg. when we ran.  I loved it!  I had a really good run and ran with the Houston Fit girls again.  They are so nice; hope I can keep that up.  To get ready for the run, I made pasta with “fake” ground beef (tofu stuff) last night; David made the noodles.  It actually was really good, and I couldn’t even tell it was not real meat.

We don’t have a kitchen table, but I kind of like sitting at the bar stools for a candle-lit meal.  We’re both feeling slightly sick today, but we moved furniture anyway.  David is feeling more moved in at least, and it’s getting cleaner in here.  I love his bed!  What a nice mattress, ahhh.  I’ve been reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” on it today.

It’s a little behind, but here are a few goals for this month.  I kept the quantity down, since I think this month will fly by due to the Grand Canyon trip.  I want to put “make a semi-Thanksgiving (multi-course) meal” on it, but we really only have two weeks left until vacation.

November Goals:

1. Try taking the bus to work

2. Meditate 3x per week

3. Do some weight training or squats routine in lieu of the Grand Canyon Trip

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