October Goals Update & Chickpea Cookies

Sooo excited we had a cold front come in.  That means it’s in the 50’s right now.  It’s nice and gray outside.  Who thinks that?  I guess I’m just happy for fall weather – cool runs, sweaters, winter boots, and soup 🙂  Speaking of runs, I ran Heights Boulevard earlier today, it was great.  I got to don my gloves, long pants and head band.

David got home from work later, so he couldn’t make it, but I really enjoyed my 40 min. run.  Afterwards I came home and cooked.  I had a mystery squash, so I baked it in coconut oil at 400 deg for 40 mins and drizzled with coconut butter.  It actually came out good since you mainly tasted coconut.  I served it with Kashi Morrocan rice/grain mix and Spanish Mackerel.  The Whole Foods guy convinced me to buy it, and told me how to broil then bake it (season with olive oil, lemon, oregano, S&P, then 10 mins broil + 2-4 mins bake).  It also was good and David like it.. success!  In fact I got a “this is really good” last night for what David has named Chickpea Cookies.  Delicious!  We both loved them, they are so crispy and delicious.  I made them with a side of cucumber salad soaked in Better than Balsamic, thanks to OSG for both recipes.  It is so fun to have David come home at night and to cook and enjoy the evening with him!

And lastly it is time to assess my October goals:

1. Take the bus to work at least once – I have yet to do this.  Blaming it on being out of the office for 6 of 9 available days.  Needs to be moved to November?
2.  Cook more often (1+ times/week) – yes, this was a big success!  In addition to some very healthy eating.
3. Keep at the <10 min/mile running pace – Also a success, down to 8 min miles!
4. Use free yoga passes for JennYoga and YogaOne – Yep for JennYoga only, but I think it was a great one because it taught me flow yoga and a more challenging style which I’m now hooked on, so I’m giving this green.  Will look for a different studio for November.
5. Get a library card and use it – On my second book already
6. Meditate at least 3 times per week, but the  more the better  – some weeks more than others.  I found I won’t do it unless it is right when I wake up.  Will try to continue this one.

I haven’t thought through my November goals, but need to post them shortly I suppose.  A lot of them might be continuations of this happy, healthy lifestyle.

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