In Defense of Food

Just back from hill training; it is nice that some of the same people are showing up every week, they are a good group.  The Office Halloween re-runs are on in the background providing me some comic relief as I write and read other blogs.  I had my first cooking fail (in a little while) yesterday when I used baking soda instead of baking powder for an oatmeal pancake recipe.  No wonder it tasted so off; I ate it anyway, but will have to give the recipe another try later!  Other than breakfast, I’ve been eating lots of leftovers still – that’s what happens when cooking for one.

I finished “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan last night.  It was a pretty quick read; I thought it would be longer, but a big chunk of the last pages were references and resources.  The first part discusses the Western diet, and examples of issues with it, as well flaws of current nutrition science and government recommendations.  It talked a lot about current problems – diabetes, etc.    I liked his mantra: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. The main takeaways:

  • Eat Food: eat real food, not processed, or with less than 5 ingredients that are easily pronounced.  Don’t eat things your great grandma wouldn’t recognize, get out of the supermarket and go to farmer’s markets when you can.
  • Not Too Much: eat with others when possible, not at a desk (this is tough!), cook and have a garden if possible, eat slowly, and enjoy foods like other cultures (the French) do, don’t deprive yourself – drink wine.
  • Mostly Plants: mainly leaves, eat well-grown plants from good soil (organic), don’t rely on magic diets.  I learned the term “flexitarian” from this book – mainly vegetarian, but does eat meat without guilt every once in a while.

Tomorrow is the first day of the “Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy & Technology” at the Galleria I was nominated to go to.  I tend not to agree with the whole women empowerment type of stuff; but I was asked to go which is kind of cool.  I think I’ve almost always worked with all men (no drama!), so being surrounded by that many women will be odd.

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