Sheer Exhaustion

Really, I sometimes wonder why I do these events that take me out for the rest of the day.  Today it was the Livestrong Challenge Bike Ride in Dripping Springs, west of Austin.  I planned to do the 65-miler, which is a pretty hilly route.   Here I am with my “In Honor Of: Granny, Aunt Jo, Tom, Dad” sign:

I met a few other Chevron-ers (people say Chevroids, but seriously, if that doesn’t sound nerdy or like aliens I don’t know what does).  Here is me with Tom, my Team Chevron co-captain:

Of course, since David is gone, and wind follows where he is not, it was windy.  I started the ride with Tom; he was very adamant about riding with me, so I tried to keep up with him.  The first 10 miles I was at upper 150’s + heart rate, which is not how I like to warm up as some people know. So then I decided to go my own pace.  That involved a lot of yo-yo-ing (Tom going ahead then slowing up to wait for me, even though I told him not to).  Had it been David we would have had the either-you-run-ahead-or-stay-side-by-side-with-me talk 😉  But finally I think Tom got bored and I told him to please just go ahead and he did.  So at mile 20 I had a weight lifted off my shoulders and just took it at my own pace.  It was a really nice ride, there are always people that chat with you along the way and the countryside was pretty.  It was overcast and gray for a lot of the ride, and felt like fall finally.  I got a flat at mile 50 (what, it can’t be with Mr. Tuffy liners!), and had to change it myself.  I think it was from the valve stem, but it’s still undetermined since my hand pump is no good, I’ll look at it again later.  I could only pump my tube up to around 40 psi, so I was scared of riding with low pressure and getting another flat.  Luckily, only 2 or 3 miles ahead there was a bike maintenance tent after a construction area, and they had floor pumps and helped me out.  So I finally got in right at 1 PM (that’s 5 hours, minus about a half hour of ride time).  I was salty, sweaty, and very tired at the finish, and pretty much went to the car for the ride home to beat traffic.  I am so glad I had leftovers and have just been reading and hanging out here.  Sorry, David, I’m in the middle of watching Project Runway, I couldn’t help but watch it since I don’t feel like much else!

Before the ride I stayed with Granny and visited with her and Aunt Darcy last night.  Then when I got up at 4:30 AM to drive to Dripping Springs she came out and sat while I had breakfast.  She says she loves seeing me happy and keeps saying “I think you’re gonna have a good life”.  I think so too.

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