It’s Friday!

Not much new here; just got back from hot yoga and a rash of Halloween shopping at Forever 21, Academy, and Hobby Lobby.  Luckily I had leftovers and an episode of The Office waiting for me at home.  And another broken light fixture…  There was a light fixture with insulation in it that heated up, fell and shattered last night.  It scared me!  So I had maintenance fix it today, but they put in a temporary fixture, and I found it shattered on the floor today when I got home.  So I’m once again wearing flip flops again to avoid glass.

I had a nice evening last night (apart from the scare).  I ran to the Heights library, where I got a new library card and checked out a book (one of Michael Pollan’s) and then had a nice walk home.  It was about 1.5 miles, maybe a bit long, but enjoyable.  It looked like it should be fall outside, but it was definitely still upper 80’s.  What’s in store for tomorrow?  I’m not sure, but I think sleeping in, making pumpkin oatmeal pancakes, and maybe a Groupon yoga before heading to San Antonio in the afternoon.

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