Happy Hump Day

One more day of Chevroid training class to go!  Thank goodness; Process Risk Safety is quite drab, and even drabber when the trainer speaks in monotone.  So what’s been going on?  Yesterday was hill training at the Clover Leaf with the orange group.  I ran with Susie (barely keeping up!); she’s doing her first half marathon and is a mom of a one-year old and is really fast.  We finished 4 laps plus a couple hill ups and downs in 36 mins.  I met a few other people there after the run also, they are a really nice group.

Today was Vinyasa yoga again at Jennyoga.  I had the same teacher as Monday, Candice, because I enjoyed her class.  Flow today was Warrior 1, Side Angle, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior 1, Triangle Pose, Pyramid Pose, and Crescent Lunge.  I still have difficulty remembering the sequence without the instructor since some of them are new to me.  Since David liked the last gardening photo of me, here is a post-yoga photo for you babe!  I know the quality of my photos isn’t too good, but you get the idea.  Oh yeah, today is Love Your Body day, I’m loving mine lately!

I didn’t cook much the last two nights (just the standby – sauteed veggies with brown rice and veg burger).  How is the detox diet going?  Okay, but this training class is not helping!  I’m bringing lots of my own food.  I’ve managed to drink lots of tea in class and bring fruits and granola bars.  My food discoveries of the week: Larabars are delicious (made from very few ingredients like just dates, nuts, and fruit), cashew butter is divine, sweet potato is really fast to bake when cubed, and lentils are pretty good and have an interesting flavor.  I also managed to buy quite a few cans of pumpkin when Whole Foods finally stocked them and have been having delicious pumpkin oatmeal in the mornings.

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