Healthy Heart

Ahhh… just finished yoga.  This was another Vinyasa Flow yoga class from Jennyoga.  It was an easier one this time and I really enjoyed it.  I feel really beautiful, feminine, and graceful when I do yoga (I feel clumsy a lot of the rest of the time); I think that’s one of the reasons I like it so much.  It gives me a little confidence boost.  The flow sequence today was: warrior 1, dragonfly, reverse warrior, triangle pose, lunge, forward reach triangle, twist triangle, warrior w/ hands up.  I want to remember it in case I want to do it at home sometime.  I have 4 more classes to do before the end of the month.  Only issue today was that my shoulder (ergo problem area) was getting tingly again.  I really hate that; I think it’s because I was working on my laptop on the couch without my mouse last night.  I’ll resolve not to do that again.

Speaking of last night, I opted not to do yoga but to cook instead.  I made an awesome meal – sweet potato-lentil-spinach salad with walnuts, dates and a balsamic vinegar/maple syrup dressing.  It looks like the salad I had from last time, but this was way better (except I overcooked the lentils a bit):

Really yummy and easy; I’ll be making it again.  Not sure David will like it, but I can always make it for the nights that he feels like spaghetti-o’s!  Also a success was going to the Kroger on Shepard.  I yelped it, and found out they had a renovation earlier this year, or last maybe.  It was awesome!  Nice organic/natural section with bulk, etc. for cheap!  And not too busy like Whole Foods.  I didn’t check out the produce, but it didn’t look bad from afar either.   Anyway, after the success of a good meal, I had to sit down to do some work.  It reminded me of old times sitting in my recliner with the laptop, and let me tell you, I did not miss it!  I have to do some more work tonight because I’m in a training class and am not looking forward to it.

What else… meditated again, and I think that and/or yoga really helps get negative thoughts away.  I met some of the engineers living in Durango/Grand Junction, and I didn’t even get jealous (maybe a little, but felt like I could let it go easily).   Oh, and I finished the Red Tent.  I feel horrible for having David read that, I totally forgot what a woman book it is.  It’s my red tent time right now, and it was still more than enough red tent-ing for me.

This was the Chinese proverb from my tea this morning, I just liked it: “When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy”.

One thought on “Healthy Heart

  1. Hey beautiful. Looks like you are having fun. I’m missing you a lot but I’m glad you are getting all your yoga stuff done. I was thinking that it would be nice if you were here but its still fun with Laura…

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