Getting Dirty in the Heights

I’ve been excited to write this post today- maybe it’s not a very original title for a gardening-related post, but I just got three additions to the family (I’ve been busy while you were gone, David).

But I’ll start with yesterday evening… I was a bum and stayed around the house.  I put more away in the closet, but it’s still tiny.  I even sold a couple more shoes and dresses at Buffalo Exchange today to work on the situation.  I also watched Project Runway (my first recording on U-verse) and cooked some flounder.  It turned out okay baked with just lemon, spices, and capers.

This morning I got up and meditated (keeping my Oct. goal in mind).  I find it difficult not to run through my to-do list while meditating.  After oatmeal, tea and checking in on David & Laura’s blog, I decided I should get ready to bike.  I was okay with taking my time this morning, since it didn’t seem like it would get too hot until the afternoon.  I headed out to George Bush park on Highway 6.  It has a pretty good closed-to-traffic biking/running path, one-way out being 10 miles.  On my first lap out, I saw my friend Tom and he turned around and decided to bike with me.  I ended up doing 40 miles with him, switching off pulling every 1.5 miles.  We finished in around 2:15 hrs, at 18 mi/hr average and I think I was somewhere around 1150 cal burned.  Not too shabby; it was a tough ride.  The most delightful part of the ride was putting up my bike and pulling a blanket out from the car and stretching under this tree:

My muscles were seriously sore after trying to keep up with Tom the whole way!  But they were better after the stretch.  I headed home a bit dazed, showered and ventured out for my Heights errands run.  First stop was food –  Jenni’s Noodle House – they have a new location in the Heights and I’ve been curious to try for awhile.  It was pretty good, I’d give them a 3 or 4 stars on yelp.  I had the Buddha Soba (buckwheat noodles with tofu) and it was really good and spicy.  I ate the whole thing since I was ravished.  Next was across the street for a $23 pedi from Prestigious Nails.  Pretty good for the price I’d say.  My feet were in terrible condition from all the hiking/running lately and needed a soak.  Then to Buffalo Exchange; sold some items, but no Rainbow Brite luck so far.  And lastly the most exciting stop of the day – Buchanan’s Plant Shop!  I exchanged the broccoli seeds (which my boyfriend was so sweet to buy me, but I am too scared to start from scratch with seeds just yet) for some herbs.  New family members: Wolfgang the Rosemary (most masculine name I could think of since poor Rosemary is stuck with a girl name), Portland the Oregano, and ? the Cilantro.  I’ll need David’s help on it’s name.

The store told me they needed to be re-potted, so I just bought the 50 cent plastic containers for now.  Getting ready to re-pot!

And the finished product is below.  They are all very different; not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with who to water when.  Well, now time to sing off for a nap, with the possibility of another Groupon yoga class this evening.

2 thoughts on “Getting Dirty in the Heights

  1. You gave away my seeds 😦 Those were magic bean stock seeds. (Just kidding). I love you. Thanks for sharing your blog, I like to see what you are doing too. That’s a great pic of you planting. Just make sure you aren’t censoring too much because you opened it up. I’d rather you write what you want. Anyway, thinking about you bunches. Love you.

    1. Love you too. Don’t worry, I won’t censor it too much. As long as you don’t think I’m crazy for writing what I want or am thinking. Just don’t feel like you have to read it, but I figured you could see what I’m up to while you’re gone. I am missing you terribly. I know you are having fun though. Glad Laura is your false girlfriend so I don’t have to worry!

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