Moving – For Real This Time

Phew, I think it has been a week or more since I last posted, but it was a really busy one.  Last Friday evening & Saturday afternoon were moving days.  It’s been a drawn-out move, so it’s great to finally be home in the Heights.  It’s an apartment, but I sometimes call it house since it feels like me & David’s home.  Check out Boudreaux (David’s current roommate) riding island-style on the couches on the truck bed.  You can only really see his hand waving to everyone on the way.

We got up the next morning after moving and ran the “Ten for Texas” 10-miler in the Woodlands.  I was really excited that I averaged 8:57 per mile!  It was a tough one for me since I was worn out from the moving the night before and had hints of a little cold (blamed on flu shots from the week before).  I met David, Claudia and Steve in the Marketplace Square, and then David and I hit up the food line, which was quite good – from dulche du leche to breakfast tacos to Chic-fil-a to Buffalo nachos, we got our fair share of food!  We then prepped for our Sunday night pumpkin carving party.  It turned out a hit – we supplied pumpkins, pumpkin ale, and snacks, and the girls brought some other goodies.  The spread on David’s SS table (we’re working on choosing a less masculine table for the new place):

And here are the finished products (made by Steve & Claudia, Aidan & Carla, Boudreaux & Mandy, and Me & David):

Everyone liked it; the spiced apple wine was a hit, maybe we’ll have to do a Christmas party with something similar.  The next few days we spent getting the new apartment ready – and working with the apartment complex to get it cleaned properly.  I won’t post pictures of my black feet, but for some reason they used a new cleaning agent on the floors which left a sticky film.  Plus the guys before us were smokers, and a number of things were left unfinished.  Luckily, they re-did the floors right away and got most of the remaining items fixed this week.  I’ve gotten most of the kitchen unpacked so far, but still have a number of closets and bathrooms to do.  And cable is finally installed!  The guy took 3 and a half hours and had to call for back-up.  I enjoyed having TV again and almost fell asleep last night watching bridal shows (is something wrong here?).  Despite all this, I absolutely love the apartment!  It is beautiful with lots of natural light and a really nice kitchen.  Love, love, love it, and hope my man hurries home and moves in soon!

Speaking of him, all last week David is now on vacation in Australia.  I decided my new project while he is gone is to do a detox.  I started this week with eliminating stuff like animal products, refined sugar, white carbs, etc. and increasing fruits, veggies, tofu, etc.  It is kind of vegan, but I’m okay with eggs and fish.  It’s working really well so far – I feel lighter already.

Today I did the Saturday morning run with the Orange HoustonFit group.  I tried to stay up with the first group, but didn’t quite.  Still, I came in right behind them at around an 8:25 min/mile pace for 5 miles.  It was really hard and I was exhausted afterwards!  I opted not to wait 30 more mins for core, but to hit Walgreens for green hairspray and get my oil changed.  Then I ran home for a quick breakfast of overnight oats and banana (I overdid the nutmeg, but it was still okay), then off to yoga.  I bought a yoga groupon for Jennyoga almost a year ago, and it is very near its expiration date, so I needed to use it today.  I went to “Vinyasa Flow – Healthy Hips, Backs, and Core”, which worked out pretty well since we did many of the same things I’d normally do in core after running.  It was tougher than I thought though.  I headed home after a few more errands – Halloween store, Bed Bath & Beyond, and the grocery store.  I took a picture of the Australian pumpkins for David since he is currently in Australia and these were definitely the craziest, ugliest ones there (unfortunately our pumpkin already molded and found it’s way to the trash).

I headed home to a very veggie-friendly lunch.  I’ve still been hungry this afternoon and have to admit to snacking, but on healthy stuff!

And I must introduce you to the newest member of the household, Mini the mint (I don’t like Minnie since it reminds me of the mouse too much). David bought her for me before he left.  And also some broccoli seeds, but I haven’t gotten to those yet.  She was a little dry yesterday, so I watered her up and moved her into more shade.  I’ll get it right someday.

The rest of the day has been a girl day – power nap, reading a book (the “period book” aka Red Tent that I want to finish up today so I can get a new book), taking an epsom salt bath… Not super productive, but I plant to unpack more soon.

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