SA Visit & More

This weekend was a trip to SA to unload furniture.

We actually had everything tied and bungee-ed down pretty well.  It didn’t take as long as I thought to unload the furniture at Mom & Dad’s storage.  It was nice to get it done.  We got back to Granny’s and decided to look through old photos, which were pretty hilarious, especially some of the ones I hadn’t even seen.  David was quick to point out I was an ugly baby!  Oh well, it’s true, but my mom still loved me.  We ate dinner and visited with Granny and Papa most of the night; they can’t do much else at their age.  I think they enjoyed it though.  After having run 8 miles (in 1:15!) earlier that morning, we were pretty exhausted and slept like logs.  We also had a long breakfast with Granny and Papa before heading home.  Then it was time to head to Discovery Green for Gardening Class/Farmer’s Market.

It almost didn’t look like Houston since the sun was shining and a slight breeze was out.

Couples were sunning, reading, picnicing…

And kids were playing.

Overall, the Farmer’s Market was slightly disappointing because it was so small and it was the end of the season so there wasn’t an abundance of vegetables.  Plus parking was difficult – so I think I’ll try the others in the future.  But the free gardening class wasn’t bad.  I did learn a little about container gardening.  After that, I headed home with a quick stop at Whole Foods on the way.  They were all about pumpkins, and I was aiming to get some organic canned pumpkin.

But alas, they were out.  So I just sampled their pumpkin ale, got my breakfast staples, eggs, and yogurt and now I’m home.  Maybe will box a few more things to bring to David’s tonight.

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