I woke up early today; so I guess that means I got a good night’s rest after my tough hill training yesterday.  I’m started a trial today – meditation.  My colleague from Durango (who often talked with me about Buddhism, meditation, and even that he took a tantric sex workshop with his wife) often told me how meditation was life changing and affected many aspects of his life.  It’s always been on my to-do list, so maybe starting small is best.  I decided to meditate for 5 minutes this morning by putting my iphone alarm on for 5:10 (told you I got up early).  I sat on a pillow, back against the wall, legs crossed, which was relatively comfortable and encouraged good posture.  Meditation so far is very active and engaging for me because I need to push thoughts and words out of my head to clear my mind.  I often think of the thoughts as clouds and my mind as the sun.  I need to push the clouds away or let them float by.  Three other very common beginner techniquest were suggested by my friend below, which I might have to also try:

Method 1: So Hum

In through your nose, soooooooooo ….   (I say this in my mind only, silently).  Hummmmmm on the exhale, through your mouth.  Sometimes I utter this sound quietly, but audibly)

Method 2: Candle

Place a candle in front of you when you meditate and focus your eyes on the flame.  When your thoughts start to wander off, bring them back to the flame.

Method 3: Breathing

FEEL your way through each breath when you inhale and exhale.  One way to do this is to imagine all the molecules of air being sucked into your nostrils, flowing through your nose, your sinuses, down the throat, filling your lungs, hesitating there … Then flowing out again.  Then imagine those molecules as tiny bits of energy (which of course they are) flowing into and out of your body.

Another way of visualizing this is by focusing intensely on the muscules themselves.  Imagine how your diaphram pulls down (breathe from your belly, not your lungs) to cause the lungs to expand, etc.

Anyway, the realization was that I had a lot of negative thoughts floating by that my ego was producing.  I’ve read parts of Eckhart Tolle’s books, and boy is he right about your ego being against you.  I have to remember this throughout the day and combat those negative thoughts.  And maybe to take some time to re-read or at least get audio versions of his books.

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