Turnaround Tuesday

I’m at work right now but currently don’t have any direction for the day, except for a couple meetings later in the afternoon. My most exciting news as of late is that I’ve profited over $350 from ebay and craigslist sales – which include bike saddles & parts, bar stools, and shoes so far. Not to shabby for my first time; I’m definitely going to be using those sites again. I still have my couches up for sale on craigslist and am waiting for some inquiries there – may need to repost tonight.

I did wake up somewhat stressed this morning – I think one of the things I stress over is when I feel full from eating to much before bedtime. I guess I need to start noshing a little less and consider drinking tea before bed time or finding more things to do to distract my attention from chocolate, etc. in the evenings. I think it induces more stressful dreams too – even “unnamed” (an unnamed ex) appeared in a dream, which I was not too happy about. I think it was because I was thinking of selling the diamond engagement ring he gave me, which would certainly be a profitable item. Note to self: call about appraisal appointment.

Tonight I’ll be going to hill training, which I’m pretty excited about, after mailing my ebay sales. One thing my health coach talked with me was not to get concerned over group exercise and “not being the best”. Perfectionism is definitely one of the irrational thoughts I often tend to harbor, so I’ll try to work on that one. I realized after going to both group yoga and to running training last week, that it was no big deal. I also talked to one of the girls in group yoga last week, which was stepping out of my comfort zone slightly, but it wasn’t bad at all and I plan to go to the free lulu yoga again on Wednesday.


My day really turned around after lunch.  I had two really good meetings and even got recruited for another project since one of the bosses “liked my style”.  Plus I got my ebay sales sent off and went to running training.  We had hill training today that was much harder than usual – intervals of 6 and 2.  I burned 533 calories in the hour of training – about twice as much as in hot yoga as David reminded me!  That’s about all, but it’s always nice to have the day turn around.

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